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#1 2009-03-15 01:30:19

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* Vocal : Mad J
* Guitar : Who
* Bass : Iron
* Drums : Feel
* Programming, Synthetic Guitar : Zombie


* Ares - official cafe daum

Ares’ music can best be described as a unique spin on industrial music. Mad J’s gruff vocals on a background of heavy guitars, synth and throbbing percussion are a nice addition to a scene dominated by ballad and pop artists. On song such as Yeongun, Mad J proves that he is much more than just a metal singer, making the transition between clean and dirty vocals almost seamlessly.

Despite being part of a genre renowned for elitism, Ares aren’t afraid to experiment with their music. Many of their songs contain other influences such as techno, 80s rock and even rap, which help them to push the boundaries of their genre.

Ares (not to be confused with the Korean black metal band of the same name) formed in 2001 and saw a slow rise to recognition. The members Jung Wook (Mad J), Who, Man Chul (Iron), Hyo Jun (Feel) and Kyoung Woo (Zombie) joined forces to create a band that would break the mould for Korean rock acts. While the majority of the Korean music scene was dominated by pop and r&b acts, Ares had a dream to create an industrial group with a twist, combining industrial with techno, rap and metal, which eventually gained them the recognition of their peers as well as the public as well as helping pave the way for more hardcore music in Korea.

In 2003, the group released their first mini-album Machine Ares, the release received a warm welcome from the Korean public. The release was hugely influenced by industrial music, this combined with Mad J’s rough vocals ensured that the band was able to forge its own sound and gain attention from audiences at their live shows. To help with the promotion of the release, the band recorded their first promotional video for the song Machine Ares.

The success of this release allowed them to play as a support act to one of the most influential men in the Korean rock scene, Seo Taiji, in 2004. Due to Seo Taiji’s huge success in South Korea, securing a support slot on one of his tours meant that Ares were exposed to vast amounts of people and it allowed them to play some of their biggest concerts to date.

In 2005, Ares released their second album Digital Human. While the group retained their unique sound throughout this album, they also incorporated new elements and influences. The album overall was less industrially driven, this time choosing to use more techno and nu-metal influence. While many fans loved the album, others were left disappointed by the length of the 50-minute album. The lead single from the album, Yeongung (Hero) was well received by the public and was accompanied by the band’s second video.

While there are no confirmed activities from the band of late, there has been no announcement of a disbandment and there are rumours that the band has been working on a follow-up to Digital Human since 2006. Until they return to the Korean music scene with new material, their fans will eagerly await their return.


[Wybaczcie, że tekst jest po angielsku]


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Re: Ares

a można na polski? *prosi ładnie* albo chociaz niemiecki?


#3 2009-03-31 13:00:38

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Re: Ares

Po niemiecku jest TUTAJ
     I can't run away from your voice second time, it's like a parasite in my brain.


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Re: Ares

Aaaaa dopiero zauważyłam wątek
Lubie ich
swego czasu nawet sporo słuchałam
elektro metal jest ciekawy
dobre gitary mają ale wokal mógłby być lepszy


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