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Mobile QnA

Subject: To Shinya-san

When editing songs that you've composed, which is easier to edit in? Windows or Apple? Or are you still composing using musical sheets? If there is a difference when using Windows and Apple, please share it with us.

Shinya: Instead of the difference between Windows and Apple, the difference will appear depending on the different softwares that you use so I can't really say which is easier to use but I think the combination of ProTools with Mac is the best/optimum.

Subject: To Toshiya-san

I am in charge of the bass in the DIR [EN GREY] copy band.
I want to play the bass standing straight up like Toshiya-san but just supporting it takes a lot of work.
Is there a way to easily play it  upright that is related to the strap material or position of the strap pin?

Toshiya: Maybe it's related?

Subject: To Die-san

I also until recently used it but please tell us why Die-san used an onigiri [equilateral] pick and not a teardrop pick!

Die: Simply put, the teardrop pick was too small and kept on flying away. It would be difficult when I am cutting or playing arpeggios if it's not the onigiri [equilateral] shape.

Subject: To Kaoru-san

Because I idolize Kaoru-san I am playing guitar in the band.
By the way I am using Kaoru-san's model, the VP (Edwards)!
The sound is easy to use and since there is also a skull on it, I think it looks awesome and love it!! I also love the included strap and amp!
Because I've come to love the VP that if I were to buy my next guitar I'd want a VP!
I would like to ask if you are interested in creating an original model other than the VP in the future?
Or if you feel that "I will always going forward with the VP!" please tell us about the allure of the VP!

Kaoru: Thank you! My hands are small so I can't really get different kinds of guitars. If there is one guitar that is easy to play then I would want to keep on using it. But there are a lot of guitars I would like to try playing, like V.

Subject: To Kyo-san

What is Kyo-san's current goal?

Kyo: I would like to go further towards a place where nobody can reach as a singer.

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Re: Mobile QnA

Mobile QnA 1/24/2011

Translated by Risu at

Subject: To Shinya-san

A question for Shinya-san who may look delicate but who actually has fine muscles.
Please tell us about your training menu for 1 day!

Shinya: Flexibility 2 hours, muscle training with machine 2 hour sets around 3 times a week.
Muscle training as a whole covers everything.
I also run.
I only need to lose a bit more fat in order to be just about muscle but it's difficult to lose it.

Subject: Toshiya-san

Great job on the TOUR. I was happy that I was able to spend the year end with DIR EN GREY☆
How was this TOUR for Toshiya-san?

Toshiya: As for the live, as always I was able to receive POWER from everyone and this TOUR was also enjoyable.

Subject: Die-san

Happy New Year. Please tell us about Die-san's goals for this year.

Die: Sophisticated/Stylish Guy.

Subject: To Kaoru-san

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to great sonds and lives this year.
Please share with us a few words, excitement that you want to tell fans first this year!!

Kaoru: All my fervent thoughts are packed into the album so take it in it with no hesitations. Best wishes to everyone this year too!

Subject: To Kyo-san

Happy New Year! I want to ask Kyo-san whom I respect...what should I do in order to trust people?

Kyo: Believe in yourself


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